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Critical Dialogues For Action Series

Global Health System Crisis: Challenges & Implications

Wednesday, November 23, 2022
18:00-20:00 ET

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Our goal:

Rebuilding trust, strengthening the health system

Our method:

Bring together a diversity of people and perspectives to create social change in our health system by creating space for critical conversations without borders and beyond traditional structures.


Who We Are

We are a transdisciplinary team of theoretical and applied researchers, frontline health care professionals, and learners from diverse professional and academic backgrounds, and academic and health care institutions, who are seeking to make an impact on our community and health system with the work we are engaged with.


Our Principles

Our Principles

Our Approach

As a team we work collaboratively with everyone involved in the health system through adopting a listening posture that allows our team to identify those practices and assumptions that must be unlearned and those that must be relearned. Ultimately this approach allows our team to establish trusted and lasting partnerships between parties.

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