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Educational Activities That Enrich

The Equity in Health Systems (EqHS) Lab continues to focus on building capacity, capability and confidence of our growing community in the area of equity, accessibility, belonging, the social determinants of health, and social accountability.  We do so in collaboration and partnership with other likeminded organizations.

For more information about our educational activities, contact us.

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Critical Dialogues For Action Series

This monthly series creates a space for deeper discussions with national and international thought leaders and influencers in the equity, accessibility, belonging, social determinants of health, and social accountability domain to explore application in health systems.

EqHS Foundations Series

The EqHS Foundations Series is a dialogical space to introduce, discuss and interrogate the current understandings and applications of equity-related concepts and practices as they take place in the healthcare space. The syllabus focuses on the social determinants of health (SDOH) as a framework for understanding differential outcomes for differently resourced populations.

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