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EqHS Blog

This is a collaborative project through the Cooperative Education Program at Gloucester High School in Ottawa, Canada with in-kind support from The Ottawa Hospital.

Created by:

Morolayo Etti and Dr. Jerry M. Maniate

The EqHS Health Spot blog was created by Dr. Jerry Maniate and Rolly Etti for the sole purpose of creating an accessible resource for high school students, broadening the present amount of available knowledge about the health system while allowing a deeper dive into different professions and areas within that system

.The blog is designed particularly for high school students and connects them with health professions learners in colleges and universities as a means of exploring and understanding the health system from this unique vantage point. Using questions from high school students, we interview health professions learners to allow them to share ideas, experiences, and strategies for making an impact.

The EqHS Clarion is a blog was created by Dr. Jerry Maniate and Rolly Etti to capture the ideas and thoughts of equity, diversity, inclusivity, and accessibility (EDIA) leaders and influencers in the health system. We chose the name EqHS Clarion, as it symbolizes the importance and clarity of the message that these individuals are sharing with our broader community and society.

Created by:

Rolly Etti.jpg

Dr. Jerry Maniate is a physician at The Ottawa Hospital, and an associate professor, educator, and a researcher at the University of Ottawa and Bruyere Research Institute (BRI).  He is the Executive Director of the Equity in Health Systems (EqHS) Lab.



Morolayo Etti, is currently attending Carleton University. She developed this blog project while she was a Grade 12 student at Gloucester High School in Ottawa, Canada. Morolayo is very interested in the healthcare industry combined with engineering as it is her dream to become a biomedical engineer.


Morolayo is the inaugural co-op placement program student with the EqHS Lab which gave her the opportunity to work hand in hand with Dr. Maniate in creating this blog and other projects. With a strong passion and vision, this project has been turned into a reality to help enlighten the masses on an innovative topic that not enough people are able to access.

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