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Supporting, mentoring, and sponsoring individuals to grow and thrive

The Equity in Health Systems (EqHS) Lab recognizes the importance and power of ensuring that individuals, especially from underrepresented populations in our health system, are provided with support, mentorship, and sponsorship. We have personally benefitted from this on an individual and collective basis, and we seek to establish novel strategies that authentically foster individuals to grow and thrive. 

For more information about our mentorship activities, contact us.

Co-op Placement Program

The Equity in Health Systems (EqHS) Lab has collaborated with the Cooperative Education Program at Gloucester High School (Ottawa, Canada) to offer this unique high school co-op placement opportunity. The program is intended to support and encourage students from underrepresented populations to explore opportunities within the health system.


We are appreciative of the  in-kind support this program receives from:

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The EqHS Health Spot a blog that is designed particularly for high school students and connects them with health professions learners in colleges and universities as a means of exploring and understanding the health system from this unique vantage point. Using questions from high school students, we interview health professions learners to allow them to share ideas, experiences, and strategies for making an impact.

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The EqHS Clarion is a blog capturing the ideas and thoughts of equity, accessibility, and belonging leaders and influencers in the health system. We chose the name EqHS Clarion, as it symbolizes the importance and clarity of the message that these individuals are sharing.

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Breakfast Thru Dinner Networking & Mentorship Sessions

This event brings together health professions learners with health professions leaders and influencers to discuss key topics impacting the health system.

More information to follow...stay tuned.

PQRRS (Panel, Questions, Responses & Reflections) Series

This event is led by and driven by health professions learners with the support of health professions leaders and influencers to discuss key topics impacting the health system and learner experience.

More information to follow...stay tuned.

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