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The First Pitch: Learning Through Stories

Stories have power. They empower the storyteller to share experiences and expertise. They empower the hearer the ability to reflect and imagine what might be.

The EqHS Health Spot gives readers insights about people and learners from the health system and their experiences from within. This blog focuses on the queries that high school students pose to health professions students, residents and other learners from their vantage point in the health system. We encourage high school students to use this blog as a repository for general knowledge to help you understand the health system and how you can be involved.

"The health system needs to support the community it serves. It can only really do this when the health system resembles the community it serves, not just at the entry level but all the way to senior leadership. We need young people from underrepresented and vulnerable communities to be part of the transformation of the health system to ensure that it meets the diverse and important needs of their communities, but also to ensure that their voices are heard in that same system."

Dr. Jerry M. Maniate (Founding Director, Equity in Health Systems Lab)

Now that you’ve said hello to the world, it’s time to introduce yourself. Your first blog post is a chance to tell readers who you are with a short bio, as well as share what your blog is about and why you are blogging. You can include something personal or funny, or add a photo of yourself or your business. Give your readers an idea of what to expect in upcoming blog posts.

About Me

My name is Morolayo Etti (also known as Rolly Etti) and I am currently a Grade 12 student at Gloucester High School in Ottawa, Canada. You will learn more about me in a future blog post. I have had the opportunity to develop this blog with Dr. Maniate so that we can share insights and ideas with high school students who are curious about how they can get involved in the health system.

Q: Why should students use the EqHS Website instead of Google?

We are all aware of how intimidating it may be to access useful information regarding the healthcare system using Google. Thanks to Google, we have access to a wealth of knowledge, but it can be difficult to sift through the search results and get direct information on the question one is really asking .

This blog is the first of its kind, as it informs readers about individuals and students within the health system as well as their internal experiences. It specifically provides high school students with: (1) background information, (2) stories and personal experiences, and (3) information that they can use while pursuing a career in the health sector. The EqHS Lab is excited to dedicate this blog to the questions that students have regarding the health field and how they can become pioneers in contributing to an area that has a long way to go.

Q: What should the audience expect from this blog?

This blog will feature responses to questions and queries that high school students pose to health professions who are within the health system using their own voices and presenting their own perspectives. The audience can expect real-time and current perspectives on their questions from experts. Each blog post will be responses to questions or queries that you, as a high school student, may have.

Looking Ahead

We know that stories are powerful and transformative. They create curiosity and a desire to learn more or even explore opportunities. It is our hope that these blog posts will excite you to learn more about the health system and how you can engage and be part of its transformation to provide the best care and experience for our community.

We invite you to leave comments about the blog. Feel free to share with us questions about the health system that we may consider using in future blogs if it aligns our focus of this blog.


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