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Amy-Lynn Howson is a registered nurse and a singer-songwriter who has a passion for bringing music into care spaces as a means of humanizing hospitalization experiences and leveraging the power of music for healing and wellness. With recent experience as Corporate Nurse Educator at The Ottawa Hospital, and a heart for those who need an extra hand, Amy-Lynn stepped into the role as Coordinator of Nursing Education, Professional Practice and Development for the new Children's Heart Hospital in Sulaimani, Iraqi Kurdistan as a volunteer with Canadian Charity, Love Them All in January 2023. Putting her Master of Arts in Leadership to use, she is partnering with local health professionals to lead nursing education and training for the opening of the first pediatric cardiac center in the region to close the gap and bring accessible, affordable care to children with congenital heart disease. Join her on this journey via Instagram: @amylynnhowson Twitter: Amy_LynnHowson

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