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EqHS Coop Students

Through our collaborative partnership with Gloucester High School (Ottawa, Canada), we have had the opportunity to work and learn with an amazing group of students passionate about making the health system better for all.

Rolly Etti.jpg

Coop Placement Program Advisor

(Fall 2022 Cohort - Inaugural)

Morolayo Etti

Morolayo Etti, is currently a student at Carleton University where she is pursuing her dream to become a biomedical engineer.  Morolayo was our inaugural co-op student while she was a Grade 12 student at Gloucester High School in Ottawa, Canada and had expressed an interest in the healthcare industry combined with engineering. 


Morolayo played a critical role in working with Dr. Maniate in creating this coop placement program and the EqHS Health Spot & EqhS Clarion blogs. 

Lara Elhossaini.heic

Coop Student (Spring 2023 Cohort)

Lara Elhossaini

Lara Elhossaini is currently a student at the University of Ottawa and completed her co-op placement with the EqHS Lab as a Grade 12 student at Gloucester High School. Growing up in Toronto ON, she was always surrounded by a lot of diversity especially in the healthcare system. After moving away from Toronto in 2022, she became more appreciative of the diversity that she was exposed to when she was there. Lara realized that a lack of diversity is a pathway for racism, homophobia/transphobia, ableism, and even misogyny. Being passionate about who she is and what she believes in has allowed her to never be afraid of a challenge. The opportunity to work with Dr. Jerry Maniate, will hopefully inspire younger individuals of all races and genders to enter the field of healthcare. 

Harris Nguyen_edited.jpg

Coop Student (Spring 2023 Cohort)

Harris Nguyen

Khanh Huy Nguyen, also known as Harris Nguyen, is currently a student at Algonquin College (Ottawa) and completed his co-op placement with the EqHS Lab as a Grade 12 international student at Gloucester High School in Ottawa. He is originally from Vietnam. His dream is to go to medical school and become a surgeon in the future because of his interest and passion for biology, human anatomy, how the body systems work, and healthcare industry.

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Coop Student (Spring 2024 Cohort)

Woroud Alghazali

A Grade 11 student at Gloucester High School, Woroud is currently immersed in the study of biology and chemistry, driven by her passion for a future in the medical field. Her love for science blossomed during visits to hospitals in Daraa, Syria, where she had the opportunity to witness the inner workings of a medical environment tagging along with her aunt. A social butterfly with an open demeanor, Woroud is deeply connected to the outdoors and maintains a down-to-earth perspective. Eager to expand her knowledge and gain realistic experience, she is joining a co-op placement with the EqHS Lab determined to understand the society and realities of the field of healthcare.

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Coop Student (Spring 2024 Cohort)

Zohra Asefi

Zohra is currently in Grade 12 at Gloucester High School and will be joining Algonquin College next year the Pre-Health Science Pathways to Advanced Diplomas and Degrees program, to pursue nursing in the future. The interest in becoming a nurse comes from my determination to assist and care for others.

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Coop Student (Spring 2024 Cohort)

Jumobi Omolade

Jumobi is a Grade 11 student at Gloucester High School in Ottawa, ON, Canada. She’s always been interested in the way the brain works and how it affects individuals, so her dream is to be a neurologist. 

Screen Shot 2024-02-20 at 9.06.27 PM.png

Coop Student (Spring 2024 Cohort)

Elizabeth Sian

Elizabeth is a Grade 11 student in Gloucester High School. She's super excited and committed to working with the EqHS Lab!

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