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Self-Assessment Tool
Health Equity Domains
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Self-Assessment Tool

Tool Design & Purpose

The tool is designed to guide primary care health professionals & learners in reflecting upon their understanding of equity, diversity, inclusivity, and accessibility (EDIA) and identifying areas for growth.

Respondents will be asked to reflect upon their personal knowledge and practical experiences related to EDIA constructs and respond to a series of items.


The tool aims to highlight respondents' strengths and areas for educational

opportunities, with the ultimate goal of fostering a more inclusive and equitable practice. Upon completing the tool, respondents will receive a list of recommended educational resources tailored to their individual needs. These resources are intended to support their journey towards a more inclusive and equitable healthcare practice.

Complete the Tool

Health professionals & learners are encouraged to download the self-assessment tool to provide guidance to their learning journey in EDIA

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Accessibility, Disability Justice, & Anti-Ableism
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Anti-Racism & Discrimination
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Health Promoting Work & Learning Environments
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Indigenous Health
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Leadership Development
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Navigating the System
(Access to Care)
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