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Equity, Diversity, Inclusivity, & Accessibility (EDIA) Cross-Theme Supports for Team Primary Care

Reflection, Dialogue, Action, & Belonging: 

Addressing health system inequities through an

anti-racism, anti-oppression, & social justice lens

About the Team Primary Care Project

Team Primary Care - Training for Transformation is a unique and timely initiative that aims to accelerate transformative change in the way primary care practitioners train to work together. To do so, it brings together an extensive network of partners to enhance the capacity of interprofessional comprehensive primary care (CPC) through improved training for practitioners, supports for teams, and tools for planners and employers.

Team Primary Care aims to prepare primary care providers to work in teams, in tandem with the health system reforms needed to adopt the delivery of more and better CPC. Ultimately, by better preparing new and existing primary care practitioners, Canadians will have better access to equitable primary care close to home.

Impact of Our Work

Our health system is rife with examples where racism, discrimination, and oppression have created a space that is unsafe, lacks compassion, and leads to poorer health outcomes for many Canadians. The EDIA Theme Projects aim to support primary care teams to understand their contexts through humility, listening, unlearning and relearning, and to address these inequities and injustices that impact patients and their loved ones, but also those who are working and learning within the health system.

As we look ahead, we need to support primary teams through this cultural transformation using a quality improvement approach that integrates humility-based insights into their team, tailored learning experiences, practical application, and mentorship that leads to a robust community of practice. These initial teams will then serve as exemplars and supports for others aspiring to begin this critical journey, for the health of all Canadians and those who have dedicated their lives to work within our health system.

EDIA Theme Lead

Co-Chair, EDIA Advisory Committee

Collaborative Healthcare & Education Lead

Jerry M. Maniate

Maniate, Jerry - 2018 - tiny.jpg

Co-Chair, EDIA Advisory Committee

Bukola Salami

Bukola Salami Headshot 2022 2.jpg

Organizational EDIA Readiness Tool Development Lead

Cassandra Barber

Cassandra Barber Photo.jpg

Digital Learning,


Heather MacNeill

(Toronto) Heather MacNeill.jpg

Indigenous Advisory Circle Lead

Marilee Nowgesic


PGME Stream Lead

Aimée Bouka


Manager, EqHS Lab

Wendy Chong

Wendy Chong_photo.png

Co-Chair, EDIA Advisory Committee

Constance LeBlanc

Connie LeBlanc.jpg

Digital Learning,


Tamara Carver

Tamara Carver PIC_edited.jpg

Adaptive Mentorship Lead

Arun Radhakrishnan

Arun Radhakrishnan.jpg

Evaluation Lead

Cristian Rangel


Practice Lead

Kannin Osei-Tutu

Profile picture semiformal KOT May 2022_edited.jpg

Our Initiatives

Contact us to learn more about our projects supporting the EDIA Theme.

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