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While completing her Bachelors in Biology and Psychology at Carleton University, Priyanka joined The Ottawa Hospital (TOH) as a Volunteer Lead. Over the next 6 years she has worked in a variety of departments starting with being a Research Assistant in the Orthopedic Out-patient Clinic at the Civic, followed by being an EPIC Super User, moving on to being involved as a Coordinator/Supervisor in the Screening, Testing and Vaccine Clinics during COVID. She then worked in Talent Acquisition briefly and is currently working in a Pilot Project within the Acute Medicine Service Line. Outside of The Ottawa Hospital, she has extensive experience in the healthcare field working at CANImmunize, CHEO, Appletree Medical Clinics, Ministry of Health and Global Medical Brigades. She is a LEAN Black Belt certified, has her MBA credits from Harvard Business School and will be pursuing her MBA in the fall.

Alongside her career, Priyanka loves to play & watch Soccer, was a part of the Carleton University Soccer Team, is a Trinity College of London Music certified keyboard player and has over 10 years of schooling in both Bharatanatyam and Carnatic Music that are both popular Indian forms of Art. She also a green belt in Karate and an avid learner of languages ; knowing how to speak over 5 languages fluently, and is currently learning Turkish. She is also APIC Certified, continuing to develop her Infection Control training from the IPAC team at TOH. Priyanka currently volunteers lawyers In Ottawa to assist immigrants people of color to better understand and access the Immigration pathway in Canada

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