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At the core of Dr. Rabheru's approach lies scientific advocacy and leadership, advocating for the advancement of knowledge, evidence-based policies, social mobilization, and networking. Demonstrating leadership through engagement with diverse stakeholders, he addresses crucial issues including physical and mental health, inclusive living arrangements, employment and income support, and the unique needs of various demographic segments. His commitment to enhancing the lives of older Canadians is evident in his provision of insights and guidance to policymakers, healthcare professionals, and advocates. Challenging conventional norms, he advocates for systemic change through a human rights perspective, underpinned by knowledge development, evidence-based policies, social mobilization, and networking. He champions a PRISM-based strategy, prioritizing the protection against discrimination in all its forms. His endeavors highlight the critical necessity for both national and global frameworks that center on the rights and welfare of older persons. Amidst evolving challenges like the COVID-19 pandemic, climate change, and humanitarian crises, his work underscores the immediate imperative for national and global frameworks prioritizing the rights and well-being of older individuals.

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